Dru Stoves

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The multi/coal stoves are designed for both wood and coal combustion. The DRU 44MF is available with either a high or low base unit and comes in a range of enamel colours.   Colour Finish Enamel Charcoal Enamel Majol..



The DRU55CB/MF is available in Clean Burning (CB) and Multi Fuel (MF) variants, making it ideal for burning wood (CB), ordinary wood, brown coal, coal, anthracite and multi-calibre (MF). . Plenty of burning options for warming yoursel..



The wood burning(CB) and multi fuel(MF) stoves are designed for the combustion of both wood and coal.   Combustion is thermostatically regulated and the stove can be equipped with a coal shute as optional. Coal combustion o..



Dru 78 is a cast iron stove available in wood burning (CB) and multi-fuel (MF) variants. It is made from Norwegian cast iron and is durable and indestructible.   The DRU has a primary, secondary and tertiary combustion and a..