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3610 Series New

3610 Series

The Morsø 3600 radiant stove is a large, well designed heat source perfect when you need to heat a large area. This cast iron stove is designed by the well-known, english design company, Studio Levien. The stove has an additional sid..


4340 New


“Less is more” is the perfect description for the Morsø 4340 - the brand new wood-burning stove from Morsø. With its minimalistic and stylish shape, the Morsø 4340 blends in with its surroundings, where func..


6100 Series New

6100 Series

The Morsø 6100-series fans the flames. The stove’s unique combustion system helps ensure a higher temperature in the combustion chamber, which means it burns off the flue gases. This provides you with a cleaner and more environ..


6600 Series New

6600 Series

With the Morsø 6600 series of stoves, the renowned Morsø brand has successfully produced a stove that sets entirely new standards and captivates onlookers with a surprising elegance and lightness. What’s more, the view o..


6800 Series New

6800 Series

The Morsø 6800-series is Morsø’s well-loved ellipse cast iron stove with an elegant rounded-off top that emphasises its organic shape. The beautiful rustic cast iron suits and enhances any home.The door handle stays cool..


7400 Series New

7400 Series

Morsø 7400-series takes the best qualities of modern wood burning stoves and uses them to give the consumer a modern take on a classic design. This design presents the newly redesigned “Squirrel” motif. This motif decorat..


7600 Series New

7600 Series

The Morsø 7600-series has its own unique character – its spherical shape, feminine transitions and the large glass door. These unique design elements provide the stove with a personal style and a soft organic touch, yet st..


7900 Series New

7900 Series

With the Morsø 7900-series, Morsø has worked with the designer Monica Ritterband to develop and create a new series of cast iron wood-burners, whose functionality and design suit any home - and of course with quality as the ke..


8100 Series

The Morsø 8100-series comprises 3 cast-iron stoves, which set new standards in stove design both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The stove has a clean and simple design, where the combination of soft, rounded contours and s..


8200 Series

The Morsø 8200, with its spectacular view of the flames, has been further developed from the highly popular Morsø 8100 stove series and is guaranteed to make an impression with its top performance and stylish and modern look. ..


8800 Series

The Morsø 8800 series is one of the most powerful Morsø stoves. Tall and handsome in cast iron, this trusty source of comfort will spread warmth and comfort time and again. It can be supplied with a pedestal plinth, with a dra..