Stovax adjustable ceiling/wall trim piece

Stovax adjustable ceiling/wall trim piece

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This selection of adjustable stainless steel trim pieces are designed to ensure the best aesthetic finish of twin wall flue passing through a ceiling or wall. Available to suit a wide selection of angles.


Flue Diameter 0⁰ - 15⁰ Adjustable trim piece   15⁰ - 30⁰ Adjustable trim piece  
      "A"      "B"     "A"     "B"
Ø125mm   241mm   325mm   244mm   325mm
Ø150mm   253mm    350mm   258mm   350mm
Ø175mm   266mm   375mm   271mm   375mm
Ø200mm   278mm   400mm   283mm   400mm
Ø250mm   303mm   450mm   309mm   450mm
Ø300mm   328mm   500mm   334mm   500mm


Flue Diameter 30⁰ - 45⁰ Adjustable trim piece   45⁰ - 60⁰ Adjustable trim piece  
     "A"    "B"    "A"    "B"
Ø125mm 255mm 325mm 300mm 325mm
Ø150mm 270mm 350mm 331mm 350mm
Ø175mm 285mm 375mm 365mm 375mm
Ø200mm 299mm 400mm 406mm 400mm
Ø250mm 327mm 450mm 455mm 450mm
Ø300mm 363mm 500mm 530mm 500mm



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