The Alpine

The Alpine
Key Features
Airwash System Cleverly this system controls the airflow within the stove keeping the glass clear from soot.
Carbon Neutral Heating The efficiency of this stove means that the CO² absorbed by the wood while it grows is equal to the CO² emitted when it burns.
Cleanburn System Innovative technology that results in higher heat output and fewer soot particles going up the chimney.
Additional Information
Colour Options Available in Black, Ivory, Sage Green, Atlantic Blue, Terracotta and Silver finish.

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The Chesney's Alpine stove has an imaginative retro styling which is quite unique. Its nickel-plated ornamentation and rounded lines combine to create a stove that is visually stunning.


 The Alpine is available as a 6kw multi-fuel stove or a 4Kw wood burning stove.

Attributes 4Kw Wood 6Kw Multi
Output 4.6Kw 7.0kw
Height 586mm 686mm
Width 410mm 460mm
Depth 312mm 394mm
Efficiency 80.00% 80.00%
Flu Diameter 127mm 150mm
Flu Exit Both Top or Rear Both Top or Rear
Fuel Type Wood Multi-Fuel
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