Slx 20

Slx 20
Energy Output
Kilowatt 5.8 kW - wood 6.3 kW - fuel
Depth 260 mm
Width 548 mm
Height 608 mm
Key Features
Efficiency 75.7% - wood 72.1%- fuel
Maximum Log Length 280 mm
Flue Diameter 150 mm
Additional Information
Colour Options Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Bronze, Gunmetal, Petwer

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The charnwood SLX 20 is a multi-feul stove with a more contempory feel and sophisticated operation.

the SLX has been carefully desiged to get the very best out of the fuel that is burnt, meaning its burns less fuel with more effeiciency and lower emissions. it does all this whilst still retaining a simple stylish look.

The SLX 20 is purely for room heating, delivering up o 5.4 kW of heat. it is fully cotrollable with a built in thermostat to regulate the heat output to the room.


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