Arte 3RL

Arte 3RL
Energy Output
Kilowatt 60h- 7.5Kw 80h- 9.0Kw 100h- 11.0Kw
Depth 60h- 524mm 80h- 554mm 100h- 594mm
Width 60h- 639mm 80h- 839mm 100h- 1039mm
Height 570mm
Key Features
Efficiency 81.4%

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The Arte 3RL plays with size and strength, giving you and exceptional view of the cosy warm flames. The Arte 3RL is available in three different widths.


Arte 3RL 60h –  639mm

Arte 3RL 80h –  839mm

Arte 3RL 100h –1039mm



Efficiency, Economy & the Environment

  • Cleanburn System – Innovative technology that results in higher heat output and fewer soot particles going up the chimney.
  • Airwash System – Cleverly this system controls the airflow within the stove keeping the glass clear from soot.
  • Carbon Neutral Heating – The efficiency of this stove means that the CO² absorbed by the wood while it grows is equal to the CO² emitted when it burns.


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