Choose from a wide range of stoves below from Multi-Fuel to Wood-burning stoves, all of which will heat and complement your home wonderfully. You can choose to have a stove that will heat the whole house through the boiler system or choose a stove that will heat one room only.

We have beautifully appointed stoves, choose from single door stoves to double sided versions.

We also stock a range of gas, electric and oil stoves.

Nagle Fireplaces and Stoves have the best range of stoves in Cork to choose from!

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Stovax Brunel 1A

Ideal for smaller rooms, the Brunel 1A is the smallest stove in the Stovax cast iron stove range. It is designed to fit into a standard fireplace. The Brunel 1A stove features Airwash to help keep the glass window clear, it has full..


Stovax Brunel 2 CB

If you have a little more space available then the Brunel 2CB multi fuel stove will bring you the extra heating capacity and economy of the Stovax Cleanburn System. This stove incorporates all the state-of-the-art features you would..


Stovax Riva F67

The Riva F67 Gas stove offers high levels of heating performance and efficiency. It is a stove that looks more like a contemporary fire and is a stylish option for your home. At the heart of this stove is a high efficiency gas log fire. ..



With high efficiency 84% and ‘modern traditional’ styling, the Bergen wood burning stove offers a fresh alternative for heating in today’s homes. With an extremely powerful Airwash system cleaning the large glass..




The multi/coal stoves are designed for both wood and coal combustion. The DRU 44MF is available with either a high or low base unit and comes in a range of enamel colours.   Colour Finish Enamel Charcoal Enamel Majol..




The DRU55CB/MF is available in Clean Burning (CB) and Multi Fuel (MF) variants, making it ideal for burning wood (CB), ordinary wood, brown coal, coal, anthracite and multi-calibre (MF). Plenty of burning options for warming yourself thr..




The wood burning and multi fuel stoves are designed for the combustion of both wood and coal. Combustion is thermostatically regulated and the stove can be equipped with a coal shute as optional. Coal combustion occurs via this sh..




Dru 78 is a cast iron stove available in wood burning (CB) and multi-fuel (MF) variants. It is made from Norwegian cast iron and is durable and indestructible. The DRU has a primary, secondary and tertiary combustion and also an airwas..


Duo 1

With superb contemporary styling, the Duo 1 wood burning stove features a Pedestal base and a large glass door and side windows that provide breathtaking flame views. The Duo 1 features Nordpeis’ latest Cleanburn technology&nb..


Duo 2

With 5kW of heat output the Duo 2 can heat a medium sized room and will suit both traditional or more contemporary interiors. Retaining the same firebox characteristics, heat output and high efficiency as the other Duo stoves, the D..


Duo 4

  The Uno 4 wood burning stove will create a beautiful addition to your home. With sleek and contemporary styling, The Duo 4 wood burning stove not only offers exceptional 180° views of the flames but also features a fully ..


Duo 5

Designed with an integrated plinth and sleek black side panels, the Duo 5 is an eye-catching wood burning stove. The large window of the Duo 5 allows you to enjoy the exceptional swirling flames and the sophisticated Cleanburn ..


Inspire 40

Inspire 40 is a portrait stove suitable for installation into a fireplace or freestanding situation. A large cast iron door maximises the view of the fire creating a stunning impression in your home. A discreet single lever air control allo..


Inspire 45

Inspire 45 is a wide landscape model with the same generous view of the flames. The combustion chamber can take logs up to 42cm and has an efficiency of 84%. It shares the same precise air control as the Inspire 40 throughout its 2.5 &ndash..


Kensal 40HB

The 40HB may the smaller of Kensal’s two Boiler Stoves, but it still boasts impressive nominal heat outputs to your living room of 4.9kW and 8.2kW to the boiler. This means it can run up to nine 2500BTU radiators as well as supplying ..


Kensal 60

With an impressive 11kW heat output, the top-of-the range Kensal 60 is ideal for larger living rooms, substantial inglenooks and open-plan barn conversions. With a choice of window crosses or clear doors and a boiler version, you will be ab..


Kensal 60HB

For even greater heating capacity choose the Kensal 60HB. This powerful model provides nominal heat outputs to your living space of 7kW and 11kW to the boiler so you can feed up to fifteen 2500BTU radiators in addition to a standard 8000BTU..


N-20F Dublin New

N-20F Dublin

Featuring a fantastic 7.4kW heat output, the Nordpeis N-20F is a wide format wood burning cassette fire capable of heating larger spaces. With a maximum log length of up to 40cm, this highly efficient wood burner is a compact yet powerful f..



Featuring long elegant legs, subtly cast designs on the side and a small brass handle, the Orion wood burning stove is uniquely different. The small proportions of the Orion make it perfect for smaller living spaces such as a conservator..


Oura 200

Oura is the newest stove in the product range from Heta. It is a slim, smart designed wood­burning stove with a huge front glass, which gives a fantastic view to the flames. As an extra detail we have used aluminium handles and trims to..


Q-34 Fargo New

Q-34 Fargo

Designed with modern homes in mind, the Q-34 corner cassette fire features a desirable left or right hand (depending on model) aspect view of the flames. With its guillotine style door, the Q-34 bears the same 6kW heat output as its Q-..


Q-34 Panama New

Q-34 Panama

The Nordpeis Q-34 is a striking wood burning fire, which features a guillotine style door opening. This highly efficient wood burning fire has the same heat output as the Q-23 cassette fire and integrates the latest Cleanburn..


Quadro 1

With suberb styling and an angular glass window dramatically wrapping around two sides of the wood burning stove, the Quadro 1 can be enjoyed from all aspects of the room. This distinctive wood burning stove has a heat output of up to 6...


Quadro 2

Featuring the same firebox characteristics as the Quadro 1, including a one-piece, two-sided glass window the Quadro 2 is not mounted on a pedestal but has an elegant continuous body reaching to the floor. The Cleanburn an..